Driver Detective

Driver problems? Stop waste your time!

Learn how to updated all of them automatically!

If Driver Detective doesn’t recognize your motherboard automatically,

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Driver Detective has been projected to fast download every driver  your computer need,without any waste of time! Just launch its scansion and in few seconds you will get many useful informations about your hardware and the link for download all upated drivers!

With a simple interface from which you can be getting into to 10 millions drivers database, it is probably the most comprehensive database in the market and steadily updated every day.

Out of date, missing or bad installed drivers can create huge threat for your Windows based system: computer freeze, black and blue screens, power off and restart, work documents losses, videogames doesn’t start and so on…

Downloading Driver Detective 8 and you gets without any research the newest drivers released from hardware manufacturers; and finally ended up the long and boring manual searches on sites, that often bring at old drivers.

Driver Detective suggests drivers  for your own personal computer after a deepth scansion of your hardware installed, so the program has the opportunity to identify missing system drivers and also identify unplugged units.

Frequently do you find confused by the drivers updates you forgot to complete in your personal computer?

The solution is Driver Detective!

With Driver Detective you can finally download all drivers your PC need with Only 2 clicks!!!

Driver Detective new version 8 is user-friendly and built for updating driver in few seconds without the need of insert any information about PC, hardware, video or audio cards…

If you need more informations about drivers click here, for the program guide click here.

Program features

Keeping your PC drivers updating

This software quickly analyzes any specific computer accessories which you have installed on your pc and acquire the required driver for the personal computer.

Driver Detectiver runs a deep check what precisely discover every drivers must be refreshed, and present a link to downloading the necessary drivers.
So finally no really effort or time waste!

This would increase the capabilities of your own Laptop or computer in general.


The right driver for your hardware

The largest drivers database worldwide will find every specific driver you need in few seconds.

On the left you see a list of main hardware manufacturers like IBM, Asus, Nvidia, ATI,Compaq, HP, Sony, but many others drivers are in the database, ome of most comprensive in the device drivrs world!


Driver Backup

Driver Detective offers a powerful backup function so you can store copies of your personal drivers in internal or external hard disks, DVD, USB cards and any other disk.

Utilizing this option a new Operative System installing like Windows 7,  become a fast procedure, and reduce significantly the time lost. The tool maintains every  drivers you save, which means you will experience no improperly or outdated driver.

Friendly interface and support

Driver Detective is a friendly program easy to use:

1) System scanning in few seconds and two clicks.

2) Automatic drivers installation with one click.

The software allows you to make an exhaustive analisys of the system devices and their drivers, and help to discover the origin of hardware conflicts, bad performances and slow system.
Once the scan is finished, it indicates which drivers are with an updated and compatible version, ready to install with a single click!

3) Integrated built in customer support.

Ready for a new operative system?

The upgrade to Windows 8 or 7  from Windows XP or Vista is now made easy thanks to wizard: Driver Detective will check for compatibility and download all your drivers for the new OS.

Is possible to have an upgrade (XP > Windows 7) and a downgrade (Seven > XP), the program will automatically download all the available drivers for the new system.

Driver Detective is leader in automatic driver upgrades so you can be guaranteed your computer will be always running at optimum performances. Database is constantly updated to ensure the drivers which you download are the latest version.

Driver Detective 8 can detect every driver your computer hardware need, like audio, video, printers, mouse, keyboards, webcams, controllers, LAN, and monitors, no matter how old your current driver is!

For further informations about program and installing please read the Tutorial.

FREE Download and scan what drivers are out of date!

Buy the program for only 29,95$ with 1 years of free updating!

Guide to downgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 8

All new laptops are now equipped with Windows 8 that has so many interesting innovations, but at the same time many users prefer the old but more “solid” Windows 7. So it was calculated that more than 30% of people making a downgrade to other operating systems, a procedure that can, however, be more complicated than expected and take a long time.
If you have a laptop with the Pro version of Windows 8, you can downgrade to Windows 7 Professional free because of the license of Windows 8, but it is necessary to activate the phone by calling the Microsoft following these instructions.

If you only have the standard version of Windows 8, you can not downgrade free and you have to fetch another operating system with which to replace it. But before you do this, make sure that there are no compatible drivers for your operating system you have chosen. The easiest way is to use driver detective who has led a very useful function for the transition to a new operating system (both upgrades and downgrades). This will make it immediately clear if the drivers are present and you can download them all at once in a few seconds at the end of the wizard.

Before proceeding, however, it is advisable to make a backup of your important files using one of the many programs for the free Cobian Backup type backup. Also, if you have a notebook is better to burn the recovery discs on your computer. In this way, in case you change your mind or problems, you can reinstall Windows 8 and restore your computer to its original state so fast.

Before you start you will probably have to recognize the installation disc of Windows 7, changing the BIOS settings, turning off the UEFI boot mode and choosing the legacy BIOS.

Download Driver Detective and do the scan drivers on your PC!


AMD finally returns to profit

Share Button the direct competitor to AMD and Intel CPU Nvidia GPU, you’ve lived in troubled times, but finally managed to get back to being profitable, abrilhantando more light at the end of the tunnel.
Despite now having a break of 7% in sales of chips for the PC market, the contract to produce the CPU of next generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft, has helped AMD out of the red and to realize a profit of $ 48 million in the third quarter of the year.
Compared to the same period last year a clear difference, where the company had losses in the order of 157 million.
Inability to AMD to fight toe-to-toe with Intel Desktop CPU on the market, has made the company go down other paths and apparently is getting along fine with the decision. This bet in growth markets such as game consoles and mobile devices, is once again giving health to AMD, which is very positive.

Download Driver Detective and do the scan drivers on your PC!


Researchers reach 10Gbps network using LED Li-Fi

There are researchers who believe that the future of communications is bright enough … literally. Li-Fi is going to use LED bulbs as data transmission system using the light variations of high frequency (imperceptible to our eyes) to send the data. To demonstrate that this system can support all types of content, an experience made already exceed the speed of 10gigabits / s.

In a world increasingly filled with radio waves and where it begins to be difficult to obtain spectrum free so that things work properly (just a visit for each block of apartments to check how the networks are congested WiFi), communication light can be a very interesting solution.

Having recently reached the milestone of 1Gbps in this type of technology, these researchers were able to achieve 3.5 Gbps and resorted to a trick to overcome the 10Gbps. as many lamps white LED using micro RGB LED to generate the color white, came up with the idea to use each color to convey information at the same time, allowing for triple the amount of information and so overcome the brand of 10Gbps.

Now we just need to know when Li-Fi technology will begin to reach commercial products … and the best thing would be as soon as possible, which could become a most valuable asset for all those who have delayed the transition to more efficient traditional lighting LED lighting, and that could also cause confusion with WiFi networks in conflict, or the use of repeaters to make the signal to reach the whole house, could become a thing of the past.

Download Driver Detective and do the scan drivers on your PC!


NVIDIA today launched the ShadowPlay

Share Button NVIDIA is preparing a new option of suites GeForce with the name of ShadowPlay. This feature allows you to record and transmit images in real-time games in high quality h. 264, with a minimal impact on performance than the other most popular applications like FRAPS or MSI Afterburner.


While applications like FRAPS capture images directly from the pipeline DirectX and therefore have a greater impact on the performance of the various sub-systems to record video in AVI format. The lossless format NVIDIA experiments with an alternative method, and makes the recording of the game in formats which do not alter the performance of the system.
ShadowPlay will be supported by the version of the GeForce 331.65 beta drivers, which were illegally available on the internet. Some screenshots of NVIDIA also reveal that it will be possible to control the LED video cards GTX, GTX, GTX 690 and GTX 780 770 TITAN. As well as being beta drivers, have not yet been officially made available it is necessary to warn potential risks to the safety of this release. If you do not want to take any chances, you will not have to wait long before its official release NVIDIA ads.

Download Driver Detective and do the scan drivers on your PC!