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Drivers and firmware for SSDs

The SSD solid state drives have become very popular especially on dekstop and high-end portable for their high performance with games and programs “heavy”. Fast access times and transfer rates significant in reading and writing, but you get the best use of SSDs, chese not usually isogno of real drivers, need a firmware aggionato and possibly driver on systems Trim XP Vista do not have them originally.

Into However, even for Windows 7 and the new Windows 8, the parent companies as OCZ, Vertex, Crucial, Intel and Samsung may release special drivers to improve performance, and to ensure that the system PC-SSD makes the best in all circumstances, because these hard drives are especially asking for the best possible performance starting from Windows startup.

If you decide to put 2 or more concatenated disks in Raid, will of course need the appropriate drivers.

In any case, you should always make an accurate benchmark to see what is making the SSD installed, and if it is below average, try to improve the software component, and of course the firmware.

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Download driver for the scanner

A scanner is a device for acquiring images from sheets stamapti both black and white and in color, in some cases can be also used as a fax. In any case, whether they are single fixed shelf, or incorporated with the multi-function printers, scanners require special programs and drivers to work.
Normally Windows 7, but also Windows 8, does not have an internal specific drivers for scanners, which are usually found on the CD attached to the sales package, even though they often are obsolete and therefore it is said they are working properly.
One way to find and download drivers for the scanner is going on site hardware manufacturers, such as Canon, Epson, HP, Samsung and others and seek the support and downloads section, where you should find the drivers, as long as you enter the exact model you should find the scanner itself or in the device manager control panel diWindows.

addition to the model is also added to the operating system, drivers for XP will not go for sight or Windows 7/8, so there may be different versions of the driver for 32 or 64 bits.

If your scanner is older, and the manufacturer has not updated drivers might try to force them such as drivers for windows vista of seven, but may not work.

To be sure you have the latest drivers available, use driver detective will tell you immediately free of charge if there are new diver available, while the download is payment.

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Download Drivers for Webcam

webcams have spread considerably in recent years and can be included in fixed laptops, netbooks and tablets or buy separately and connected via USB or Ethernet port on their PC desktop. Usually the driver can be found on the installation CD included with or on the websites of manufacturers such as Logitech, Asus, Creative, Trust, Intel, LG, etc..
Since web cameras are used for video surveillance, video streaming continuous to capture astronomical images or to see each other on chat programs like Skype and many others, to have good video performance is often necessary to update the driver, checking that they are 100% compatible with our operating system, otherwise it may not be recognized correctly or malfunctioning.

Often we think that Skype is having problems but the video does not start or is of poor quality, but often over the Internet line, you must also check the driver version. To do this just go to the Device Manager menu control panels.
Same with programs like Microsoft Lifecam, Logitech Webcam or Splitcam, all require updated drivers to the latest version to make sure you have them installed and for a quick check using Driver Detective as for all other types of drivers

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Sata Raid Controller Driver

Raid is a technique for speeding up the access to data for a computer, concatenating together 2 or more hard drives in order to increase the performance or as an alternative data protection. Create a chain raid is a delicate operation that must be made before the Windows operating system installation and many motherboards allow via a context menu from Bios to set what type of Raid want.
We can follow these steps to install the raid driver, without which the system will not work, usually the manufacturers provide drivers on a floppy disk, and Windows 7/8 we can use another media by copying the drivers on a USB stick.
If do not have the raid drivers or if you’ve noticed in malfunction of the system find them with the huge database of drivers Driver Detective.

Procedure for installing raid drivers

First of all we have to decide whether to dedicate completely to chain 2 or more discs on Sata raid, many modern motherboards from brands like Gigabyte, Asus, Asrock, Abit, Mfi, DFI and Biostar enable to partitions and make do with 2 hard drives in raid 0 and a partition in a raid 1, benefiting both speed and data protection.

1) We insert the Windows installation disc into the drive and reboot the computer. Press any key on the keyboard when the message “Press any key to boot from CD / DVD”.
2) We wait for the message “Press F6 to install third SCSI or RAID driver” and press F6 when it appears. The installer screen does not switch to RAID driver immediately, but will do so once all the other drivers are preloaded.
3) Put the disc or USB flash drive with RAID driver when the message “Please insert the disc with the label provided by the manufacturer of the hardware support disk into Drive A: “and press” Enter. ” A list of RAID adapters will appear on the screen. Choose the RAID adapter you have installed on your computer and press “Enter.” The installation process of Windows will load the SATA RAID driver and continue the installation of the operating system normally.

Into When using Windows if you have chosen a Raid fast you will notice improvement in speed on startup and loading of games and programs.

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Mouse Driver download

Until a few years ago when we connected a mouse to the computer, you do not worry about anything, at most, the choice was between the PS/2 port and the new USB. Could hardly notice driver issues, and the mouse worked immediately! Today it is still largely so, but of a whole new range of innovative mouse caratterisitche special, extra buttons, trackball, and convenient special functions that allow you to choose what to activate with the additional keys often placed on either side of the mouse.
Even wireless mouse may require drivers provided by manufacturers and updated to the latest version of the operating system.

Installing the correct drivers, you will see a section where they can be set special functions, not otherwise available, in other cases the driver incorrectly may cause malfunctions to movements and clicks.

To see if there is a specific driver for your mouse using Driver Detective.

Here is a list of the main mouse manifacturers:
A4 Technology, ASUS, BenQ, BTC, Epson, Genius, Labtec, Logitech, Memorex, MSI, Trust and ViewSonic.

If you have problems with the mouse driver, you must uninstall and reinstall the drivers if necessary using the keyboard instead of the mouse to move through menus and use the Enter instead of the mouse button. Then restart your computer and install the new driver.

Into If not go to the C: Windows folder and look for the. INF and then try if the driver is reminding us of the name of the driver present in the Windows Device Manager, if there is or the file is corrupted the problem is there.

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Drivers Windows 8

The new operating system may pose different problems for drivers, as has already happened at the time of Windows 7. The advice is to look on the websites of the hardware manufacturer that does not work correctly if usicit new drivers for Windows 8.

The search can be nerve-wracking because if some manufacturers like ATI and Nvidia are faster to update the drivers, others are much slower, and more unfortunately drivers for older hardware may not update the never

If you recently installed Windows 8, you can make a quick system scan with PC Driver Detective and immediately see which drivers have been released for the new operating system, without wasting time.

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Bluetooth driver

Bluetooth technology allows comuniare short-range modosemplice and safe and all over the world. It can be found in millions of devices ranging from cell phones to computers to medical devices and products for home entertainment.
When two Bluetooth enabled devices connect to each other, it is called pairing and are able to connect to other Bluetooth-enabled devices located in proximity to one another.
The connections between Bluetooth enabled devices to allow these electronic devices to communicate wirelessly via short-range, also creating ad hoc networks as Piconet.
Each device in a piconet can communicate simultaneously with up to seven other devices within that piconet, and each device can also belong to piconets simultaneously. This means that the ways in which you can connect Bluetooth devices is almost limitless.

Into A fundamental strength of Bluetooth wireless technology is the ability to simultaneously handle data and voice transmissions. which provides users with a wide range of innovative solutions such as hands-free headsets for voice calls, printing and fax, and synchronization for PCs and mobile phones, to name a few.

Problems bluetooth driver

A Bluetooth device driver allows the operating system to communicate with a Bluetooth device, and vice versa, and are different depending on the operating system and device specifications. In other words, it is likely that the driver is different in Windows 7 compared to Windows XP. In addition, a single driver only works with one type of Bluetooth device. In most cases, errors occur when the required driver is missing or too old and not suitable for the new operating system like Windows 8.

If the Bluetooth device does not work it is probably a driver issue, especially if the Windows operating system is not able to identify the connected Bluetooth device in the device manager and buy the point eslamtivo yellow.

Some examples of errors:

Error 1 – “Bluetooth device not found. Please verify that your Bluetooth device is properly connected and turned on ”
Meaning – The above error was reported mostly in Windows XP, and occurs because Windows XP install your Bluetooth device driver instead of the driver that was included with the Bluetooth device.
Error 2 – “This device is not configured correctly. (Code 1) ”
Meaning – The above error means that either the required Bluetooth device driver is not installed on your computer or missing.
Error 3 -” This device can not work. (Code 10) ”
Meaning – The above error can mean that the device driver is out of date.

If you can not find a suitable driver on the manufacturer of the Bluetooth device, use Driver Detective to see what is the best driver in relation to your operating system

Otherwise, try to do this manually through the Windows Device Manager, which allows you to identify and solve the problems of driver related errors. You can access Device Manager via the Control Panel window.
Outlined below are the steps to show how to update the driver using Device Manager in Windows 7 and Vista, and fix driver errors that occur due to device driver not upgraded.

Into Open the Control Panel
Double-click Device Manager
Locate and double-click the Bluetooth drivers that you need to update
Click the Driver tab
Click Update Driver button
Click Search automatically for updated driver
Windows will now search for the latest driver on your system and the Internet. After Windows finds the latest drivers, follow the on-screen instructions to install it.

If unsuccessful download and search with Driver Detective.

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Chipset Driver

The chipset is a bit ‘the heart of a computer or better motherboard which is the key component, which houses the work and all the other components of a PC.
chipset is formed by a main processor which is the heart of the system mainboard but is actually formed by a large set of components that handle all the data passing through the system bus between the processor and RAM memory, the controller of the input devices and output all other components.
This is enough to understand how an important part of your computer’s performance is managed by its chipset.
Leading manufacturers of chipsets for PCs and Macs and Intel, AMD, and spaced to sales nVidia, VIA and SiS, each releasing the appropriate chipset driver, which can be found on both sites of the manufacturers mentioned above, and in more specific versions on the websites of the manufacturers of motherboards.

The chipset driver should be the first driver have to be installed after you install the operating system, let us not forget ! Usually you can find on the CD / DVD that we were sold together with the motherboard but it is often already obsolete so better look for updated starting from the manufacturer of your motherboard you will be asked for the model and which we want to install the operating sisttema .
Example models are Intel g41 chipset driver, express, g33, 965 etc..

If you do not know the make and model safely make a quick scasione with Driver Detective that will show us the latest driver available without wasting time.

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Human interface device driver

A Human interface device driver (or human interface device or HID) is a type of electronic device that interacts directly with the person that often takes several inpute send them to the computer.
The term “HID” most commonly refers to the USB-HID specification and to see which devices are hid installed on your PC, from the control panel of Windows 7 you must click Hardware and Sound, and then the message Device Manager in the upper right corner on the first line .

Under the devices tab and open it you will see Huma interface devices installed on their PC, those are the most common devices for the game, then controller, joypad, jostick clacio or to play basketball, but also flying simulations for automotive and stick to guide planes as in fligh simulator, and almost all USB devices.

drivers is often installed as generic for all devices, USB Input, but in many cases it might not be enough, especially for advanced uses, or suddenly stops outdated and does not work because it was never updated, you must then find the specific driver on the manufacturer of the controller, the only problem in this case is the large number moltro of these controllers.

Otherwise, as usual with a scan driver detective will tell you if there are newer drivers.

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CD DVD driver

The CD or DVD rom are an integral part of every computer desktop and laptop.
Since it is not required to install any drivers when installing the operating system and nenache when we add a new device to PC, we think that maybe the CD rom will work without drivers, but it is a mistake!

simply in most cases, Windows already has in its database the universal drivers for this device type, in fact if we go in Device Manager (or managing devices in Windows 7) from the control panel , and let the voice from the list United DVD / CD ROM, and we click the right button on the name of the DVD or CD and choose properties we can see various information sheets including the card driver

Here we find the type of driver, date and version, the vendor is Microsoft, because the driver is often the universal. Windows 7 as the date is 21/06/2006 and the version 6.1.7601.17514.

If you have problems with malfunctioning of the cd or dvd player, controls the situation from the device manager, and if the driver is missing or incorrect you can download from the manufacturer, which in some cases makes available for download the appropriate driver, better than universal.

If you are not sure of make and model of the player using Driver Detective to find the right driver!

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Driver Detective

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