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Windows 8 no drivers needed for mobile connections?

Microsoft engineers, project managers Windows 8, are rethinking the mechanisms underlying the operation of systems, whether it be a Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G connections, the focus was also to make the connection is always available, especially in the surf when the battery is reduced.

In current versions of Windows, the settings for 3G connections requires the installation of a large amount of software developed by third parties. With Windows 8 was considered appropriate to take over this aspect by having the mobile broadbandpossa become part of the operating system. With the new version of the operating system is no longer necessary to go in search of the correct drivers needed to operate a 3G USB or a Bluetooth dongle to connect to your phone or smartphone as a modem. Anders added that the engineers have worked shoulder to shoulder with mobile operators and their hardware partners around the world to integrate into the operating system all you need to make, easily and without additional steps to make a connection. Each driver will then be kept updated by Microsoft through the traditional mechanism based on Windows Update.

A new administration tool, totally redesigned, would also allow easy management of all types of connection, whether cable, wireless or 3G/4G. Windows 8 incorporates an innovative system that allows you to resolve conflicts and avoid confusion. By default, Windows 8 will always give priority to the Wi-Fi connections than cable connecting wirelessly wherever a wireless connection set up as a “favorite” is available. Every time you connect to a wireless hot spots, 8 Windows automatically disconnects the PC from the network “mobile” by reducing the energy consumption of the interface used for 3G/4G connections.

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Linux drivers will are ported on Windows platform

The decision to open source drivers on Windows Embedded Compact 7, Microsoft embedded platform, open source ecosystem is a successful, intelligent operation, or Microsoft?

Directly from the headquarters of AMD, John Bridgman talks about this choice and the future decisions of the California-based company that has hired two new developers to use in this project.
The main reason for these drivers based on open source stack is the possibility of issuing a new driver in open source format to leverage on existing source code rather than trying to clean up the code Catalyst was the best choice.

But not only: the same AMD plans to release the code for Windows drivers, except for specific portions of code, this will surely bring great benefits in terms of performance in the medium to long term.

At the moment it is still discussing the license, so I can not even be specific – but we are trying to keep all the bits are not possible in the MS-X11 license.

It is thus for greater cooperation between the two worlds professional and open source until recently seemed still quite distant.

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New GeForce 600M drivers

A few days after release of the first details for the new GeForce 600M series and waiting , come new and interesting news about this series “mobile ” destined for the next generation of notebooks . In particular, the last set of NVIDIA drivers for ASUS, have been unearthed new NVIDIA video cards at home , as already seen above cards will feature codenamed N13P and N13E and will be a rebrand of the “old ” is new GeForce 500M mobile video cards .
Among which are the new top- range version of GeForce GTX 670m characterized by a 192bit memory interface . The GeForce 600M should be characterized by the production process to 28Nm and should include about 13 new video cards (like you can also see from the image ) for the low-end sector , and high-end maninstream .

We just have to wait for more details and information from NVIDIA .

As usual Driver Detective will be uptade these drivers automatically immediately after they are made available by Nvidia.

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New Nvidia Drivers 290.36

NVIDIA has released a new Beta Forceware driver package , the first release of 290. This new version , Beta 290.36 , introduce a series of enhancements to the game Batman : Arkham City , Elder Scrolls V : Skyrim and Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3 . For the last two titles is in fact now possible to set a specific item in Control Panel, the level of Ambient Occlusion ( AO ) and increase the effects of shadow play . It was also updated the PhysX package , now in version 9.11.1107 , so as to implement a proper support to Batman : Arkham City.

Have also been updated SLI profiles dedicated to Crysis 2 , Heroes and Generals , Inversion, Stronghold 3 , and the Syndicate 3D Vision various titles , including Modern Warfare 3 and Diablo 3 . Nvidia drivers enable the surround on new x79 SLI-Certified motherboard ( so you can play with multiple monitors ) and add support 3D Vision through port DisplayPort 1.1. The final version of the driver will be available in a few weeks .

To download the Drivers NVIDIA Forceware 290.36 Beta here we go , we select our graphics card , operating system , language and press FIND . In the list that appears then click on GeForce 290.36 Drivers – BETA , then press the AGREE & DOWNLOAD to begin downloading the driver .

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New AMD ATI Catalyst drivers 11.12 and 12.1 Preview

AMD has recently made ​​available for download , two new versions of Catalyst drivers . The first is 11.12 WHQL , developed proposals for the cards from the Radeon HD 2000 onwards , while the second is specific to the Preview Release 12.1 Radeon HD 5000 and Radeon HD 6000.

The first official support to the specific driver implements OpenGL 4.2 and AMD HD3D stereoscopic 3D technology in combination with a type confgurazione Eyefinity 3×1 Landscape , as well as incorporate some improvements into the Vision Engine Control Center -specific dual-graphics systems .

The Catalyst drivers donwload 11.12, 32bit and 64bit versions for Windows 7 , Vista and XP.

Much more interesting is the Preview release 12.1 , Gazie which are introduced several innovations :

AMD HD3D support for stereoscopic 3D , also in combination with CrossFireX configurations ;
the ability to create your own application profile linked to specific games , so check the stereoscopic 3D , and implementation of CrossFireX technology ;
various enhancements integrated into the Vision Engine Control Center.

I strongly recommend everyone to ignore the version 11.12 and install 12.1 directly because they contain all the fixes 11.11a , b , c,  what’s new in version 11.12 to preview the new features , as shown on the site and the ad above.
Also report a good increase in performance on applications that take advantage of OpenCL .

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Intel drivers for Android

Intel and MIPS Technologies are waiting for the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.0, so that is now supported on tablets and smartphones based on their processors.

Android 4.0, called Ice Cream Sandwich, has already shown it can run on a smartphone with ARM processor, that is used in most current smartphones, and tablet.

Google has shown running ICS, last month, the Samsung Nexus Galaxy which goes on sale this month in the U.S. than in Europe and Asia.

Google has chosen Samsung and Texas Instruments, which was OMAP4460 dual-core chips used on the Nexus Prime, as the leading manufacturers of hardware for ICS.

But Intel and MIPS, to compete with ARM, not having virtually no presence in the market, are working on tight schedules to make sure that their processors are ready to support Android 4.0.

An Intel spokesman said, in a non-official during the week, which operating system is ready to work with tablets and smartphones based on Intel’s mobile processors x86, and continued by asserting that the first smartphone based on an Intel chip will come market in the first half of next year.

Intel seems to have it abandoned plans for its Android OS Meego, so that the chip maker has recently worked closely with a working group to develop a version of Google Android for tablet and smartphone-based Intel hardware specifically.

“Ice Cream Sandwich includes optimizations for x86 operating system so that devices based on Intel architecture to be able to fully support it,” said Suzy Greenberg, a spokesman for Intel.

The tablet equipped with Intel processors include the Hewlett-Packard Slate 2, which was announced earlier this week, and the Cisco Cius AppHQ characterized by an ecosystem of applications designed just for that device.

MIPS architecture is the second in the market to challenge ARM tablet and smartphone tablet equipped with MIPS processors support some time ago Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb.

The company is currently struggling with the porting of Android 4.0: “Android 4.0 for MIPS will be available shortly.

Once will be released smartphones from Samsung, Google could open the source code of Android 4.0 and make it possible to port the operating system for the other chips and devices.

“If the code behind the ICS will be made public in November, based on past experience we expect that it will be possible to make a first demonstration of the MIPS port of the code within a couple of weeks from that date, to be ready for production within the next 90 days. “continued Bernier Santarini.

Many MIPS licensees who have been working on Android, have already completed work on low-level Linux kernel and drivers, and now they are just waiting for the open-source code of the upper levels of the operating system from Google so that the port can be finally completed .

Since the ICS architecture is very similar to that of honeycomb will be able to take advantage of all the work done by MIPS and our licensees on Honeycomb same: we therefore expect that ICS will be brought to our reference platforms quickly, just after the release of the source. ”

Intel and MIPS were more attentive to the porting of Android 4.0 for their processors than ossrvare had done for previous versions of Android.

In January, while demonstrations were made of the work on Android 3.0 tablet with ARM processors, Intel and MIPS were still in the process of porting the OS to run it on their respective chips, and it took many months before the porting itself was completed.

Manufacturers of telephone terminals with support for Android 4.0 also includes HTC’s just this week released the smartphone Rezound, ensuring that can be updated now to Android 4.0, so it is presumed from the beginning of next year.

The new Google operating system includes many enhancements including a new interface and a renewed taskbar to make it even easier to access and navigate between applications.

Other features include an improved keyboard, the integration of multiple mail accounts, a greater level of security, some improvements in application-level cores, pictures faster, Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable and secure mobile payments and, finally, characteristics of speech-to-text improved.

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No 64 bit driver for Cedar

To read what is written by VRZone, Intel does not develop drivers for 64-bit platform Cedar Trail, and there are even drivers DirectX 10.1.

The reason is not exactly clear, but it is thought that Windows 8 is closer than you think and that the company prefers to focus on the new OS rather than further optimization for Windows 7. For the launch of the Atom Cedar Trail, scheduled for the current month, it seems that Intel will not have WHQL certified drivers ready, plus it’s now assume that we will not have features like Widi 1.2 (wireless display) and Smart Connect 1.2 (inherited from Ultrabook) until next year, or until the arrival of non-standard drivers.

Uncertain news for those interested in the compatibility of Cedar Trail with Linux systems. MeeGo 2.1 will integrate support for the new Atom, but it is unclear if Intel will release a free downloadable driver package, in any way, it comes at the end of January 2012 for Linux. Details on vr-zone.

To close, Intel seems interested in the launch of a chip Cedar Trail which still has not spoken a single core of which still do not have details but it might be a low-cost version addressed to particular machines. Again this is expected in January 2012. Among the netbook with Intel Cedar Trail remember the ASUS Eee PC and the new Lamborghini 1025C/CE VX6S (but mounts a D-series CPUs, or desktop), all products mentioned some time but have yet to reach the market .

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SSD TRIM driver news

The TRIM command should soon run on Intel SSDs in RAID 0. The rumor has circulated for several days, but is becoming more insistent. A more security for those who need high performance but are likely to see lower performance of the units after a while ‘time.

The TRIM support for SSDs in RAID 0 Intel will soon be a reality thanks to a future driver update Rapid Storage. The house of Santa Clara is working on version 11.5, but the alpha is not available at this time supports the TRIM command in RAID. A second update, expected by the end of the year, will do the miracle.

The TRIM command connects the operating system with the SSD controller, which thanks to the indications of the former is able to understand what are the free cells after deleting some files. In this way allows the controller to make a correct management of the memory cell, while the SSD performance over the term of his life.
If all goes well, the final driver should arrive during January (11.0), although it is not known what are the supported platforms (mobile, desktop and what chipset?). The package would extend the range Storage Rapid Action Response smart caching technology, which will be available on future 7-series chipset, processors are ready to debut with the Ivy Bridge.

The compatibility which is discussed in relation to Rapid Storage drivers, ie drivers of Intel AHCI and RAID, currently at version 10.8, which are compatible with all versions of Windows since XP. In the future, will be removed compatibility to XP and Windows Vista to focus on seven or 8.

if the ocz did the same with vertex2 I would not scruple to give me a 120GB raid0 of 2 vertex2 … to get the most benefit for the overlapping of vertex3 a 240GB … For now, my jewel is too new for make quickly without the trim control, maybe in a couple of attached

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Printers at risk?

A group of researchers at Columbia University has identified a dangerous security hole that could pose a serious threat to the security of printers leading, in some cases, a dangerous overheating of the device could also catch fire.

The security flaw, if properly exploited, could allow an attacker to compromise a printer to get hold of confidential information and to physically damage the device by issuing commands that are intended to overheat and ignite the elements of printer paper in it content, it is possible to exploit this flaw because the printer firmware are gradually acquiring a number of features, without the progress made with regard to their safety. To update the firmware of their printers many companies use a mechanism of “Remote firmware update” not digitally signed, which means that the update may be sent by anyone, since the printer does not have any system that can authenticate the update .
Using some of the HP Laserjet Series: sending a remote command to the laser printer was possible to heat the fuser (the element used to incinerate the toner powder on the paper) to the point where the paper has started to darken and emit smoke. At this point, the temperature sensor in the printer switched off the device, thus preventing the onset of a fire. The problem however is not limited to HP printers, it can affect the solutions of all the producers in this market and with a greater degree of risk models that are not equipped with temperature drivers sensors.

“Researchers have shown, however, the ability to reprogram the firmware of the printer using Mac OS X and Linux machines, but it is unclear whether this is possible even on Windows systems.”The attack can be done remotely, especially if the printer supports printing capabilities of cloud and is therefore accessible from any part of the network.

The researchers performed a quick scan of the network in minutes and have identified 40 000 printers accessible. The actual number of vulnerable machines, however, could be much higher.

Since the printer is a key element in managing the flow of documents produced by a company, it is easy to understand that unauthorized access to this device can allow you to steal confidential documents and sensitive information.

Was right not to provide gateway and dns to the printer.
Honestly, it is also the first time I’ve heard of firmware for printers.

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New tablet HP Folio

Hewlett Packard HP or simply makes its appearance in the official sector with HP ultrabook Folio 13. 13.3-inch display, a 1.7 cm thick, and weighing less than 1.4Kg – snaps his strong point here – the long range, which should arrive at 9 hours of consecutive work thanks to special drivers. A battery records.

Other technical features of the HP Folio 13, a perfect blend of style and power: Intel Core i5 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM and 128GB of storage of solid state drives (SSD).

To enrich the whole there is a backlit keyboard, an HDMI port, Ethernet, USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 data transfer faster, and a memory card reader.

The ultrabook. with a metal chassis, will arrive on December 7, 2011 the U.S. market at a price of $ 899, which provides for all that are not that many!

As usual eye to install all the drivers needed so that it works better without problems!

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