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Good News for Sky Drivers by Microsoft

We know better than Microsoft’s SkyDrive service that provides ample storage with a well-25GB free account. The reasons are not so hidden, as has often happened in the past, the solution developed by Microsoft has high complexity and limitations in terms of compatibility decreed that failure.

In the future, something is bound to change, and Microsoft does not hide the problems of Sky Driver promising a substantial improvement of the service. According to the few statements available and we will be facing a substantial upgrade of the platform and not a simple fix of the current SkyDrive.

The problem of cloud I’ve solved some time ago with a nice Synology DS-211 +: I want all the space, install all the services you want, I have the ftp server Web, DLNA streaming to Xbox 360 iPhone, iPad and content to be shared as well as locally even by VPN.

The objectives are important: the first of all involves the creation of a simple service to use, able to integrate better with existing applications and can be cross-platform. One then SkyDrive released by clients and operating systems can be used by mobile devices or browsers yet well integrated with the applications and the operating system of Microsoft. Among the most anticipated features you would expect the ability to create and edit Office files directly using Sky Driver as well as a transparent management of backups locally and in the cloud for access to their data from various devices.

However, already through Windows Phone 7 Skydrive you can use to synchronize notes and office files, photos, and more besides, and is IMHO a very good service and what has been seen to Build 2011, will be better integrated in Windows 8 and in all new applications Metro (and even now you can use it via OAuth in any application you prefer), has support for shared folders via Live-style Dropbox mesh (with 5 gigabytes to 25 ADDITIONAL standard) and you can mount SkyDrive folders (the ones in the space of 25 GB) as network drives.

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New Nvidia graphic cards roadmap too slow

Begin to appear on the Internet several reports on the possible future development of Nvidia graphics cards, but unfortunately the news does not come very soon, and fans will have to wait!
The real news for Nvidia it will arrive only in the course of 2012, to follow the new version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 8, which will introduce the new DirectX 11.1. The new generation of NVIDIA GPUs, which will be known as Kepler, will always be developed with TSMC 28-nanometer manufacturing process.

In fact it seems that the solutions with a minimum power we will see in the second half of the year.
I must say that I was not sorry, because my target is not very high and rather prefer to keep tabs not very powerful but very fuel efficient.

Having suffered from the low end is a good thing, but it certainly is not for those expecting the next generation to change your vga out on top.

There is also to say that perhaps the time could have kept the discriminant of the right of microsoft update: in marketing a low-end card recycled from the previous generation would look like from the perspective of the old right.
Over the past few days appeared a possible roadmap, obviously not official, about the arrival of the proposed architecture based on Kepler.
According to the source solution will be the first Kepler GeForce 107 (GK107) and will be allocated to lower-end market, when you obviously have no details about possible technical specifications, however, that indicate the presence of a memory bus 128 bit GDDR5 memory. On the other hand will follow GK16, which will instead be the first NVIDIA PCI-Express 3.0.

The higher-end solutions will only come later in the year, GK104, in addition, the high end of the market, even in this case, NVIDIA will look for a solution with two GPUs on a single PCB mounted: However, this model comes only towards the end of 2012.

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Windows 8 improved task manager

One of the innovations being implemented within the operating system of Microsoft Windows 8 relates to a different management of the Task Manager, a component that in the light of the screenshot shown below has been radically changed.
In fact, Microsoft has provided information on this component, specifying how the new interface design aims to provide clearer information and useful in systems with a large number of cores.

A graphical breakdown of this type allows you to check what percentage of employment of the processor as a whole, then adding all the cores available to the system, both because each core is used in a specific moment.

And ‘course, always possible to manage the “core affinity”, ie those cores is associated with a specific application: this allows, for example, to make a specific software is not all given the amount of cores available but only one hand, leaving the rest free for other applications that can be performed.

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New concept for GeForce GTX 560

During this period, here is something moving in the world of video cards. Unconfirmed reports indicate it as the next arrival of a new proposal NVIDIA’s.

The well-known Californian, one would first upgrade to the GeForce GTX 560 video card you used for the midrange of merato. The new solution, according to reports from VR-Zone at this address, will be characterized by the presence of 448 stream processors, in order to improve the performance level guaranteed.

Although marketed as a GeForce GTX 560 will be the new board seems to have more the appearance of a GeForce GTX 570, especially since the GPU will be based on GF110. This is obviously unconfirmed rumors in any way by the company, the new proposal that will lower operating frequencies and will have a single MS disabled. The card will also be characterized by the presence of a 320-bit memory bus, and 1280MB of GDDR5.

The new proposal will be able to support 3-way SLI technology and offer the HDMI video outputs, DVI and DisplayPort. At the moment it seems that the heatsink used is the same used in high-end video cards like GeForce GTX 570 and 580. This element, if confirmed, would show an increase of the heat produced by the card: GF110 also require more power required to operate.

This is not the first time that NVIDIA updates a mid-range video card going to increase the number of stream processors: the most discerning users will remember the GeForce GTX 260, over time increased to 216 shaders.

At the moment there are no indications about the arrival of the solution, while the price should go to place the card exactly halfway between the Radeon HD 6950 and Radeon HD 6970 2GB.

The reasons behind such a strategy, though will never be confirmed, can be easily explained. The production of GeForce GF110, high-end GPU NVIDIA’s list, became fully operational for some time and the yield is physiologically improved, with sales of high-end solutions have not been able to go to dispose of the products manufactured and NVIDIA intends to dispose of these stocks.

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