Download Drivers for Webcam

webcams have spread considerably in recent years and can be included in fixed laptops, netbooks and tablets or buy separately and connected via USB or Ethernet port on their PC desktop. Usually the driver can be found on the installation CD included with or on the websites of manufacturers such as Logitech, Asus, Creative, Trust, Intel, LG, etc..
Since web cameras are used for video surveillance, video streaming continuous to capture astronomical images or to see each other on chat programs like Skype and many others, to have good video performance is often necessary to update the driver, checking that they are 100% compatible with our operating system, otherwise it may not be recognized correctly or malfunctioning.

Often we think that Skype is having problems but the video does not start or is of poor quality, but often over the Internet line, you must also check the driver version. To do this just go to the Device Manager menu control panels.
Same with programs like Microsoft Lifecam, Logitech Webcam or Splitcam, all require updated drivers to the latest version to make sure you have them installed and for a quick check using Driver Detective as for all other types of drivers

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