Drivers and firmware for SSDs

The SSD solid state drives have become very popular especially on dekstop and high-end portable for their high performance with games and programs “heavy”. Fast access times and transfer rates significant in reading and writing, but you get the best use of SSDs, chese not usually isogno of real drivers, need a firmware aggionato and possibly driver on systems Trim XP Vista do not have them originally.

Into However, even for Windows 7 and the new Windows 8, the parent companies as OCZ, Vertex, Crucial, Intel and Samsung may release special drivers to improve performance, and to ensure that the system PC-SSD makes the best in all circumstances, because these hard drives are especially asking for the best possible performance starting from Windows startup.

If you decide to put 2 or more concatenated disks in Raid, will of course need the appropriate drivers.

In any case, you should always make an accurate benchmark to see what is making the SSD installed, and if it is below average, try to improve the software component, and of course the firmware.

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