Drivers and patches for AMD, Opteron, FX, Phenom and Turion

You hardly think that is a processor needs drivers to work! But AMD processors in particular have always been supplied with a number of drivers for advanced features.

the days of Windows XP drivers exist for the Athlon 64, to automatically adjust Mhz processor and how much voltage or power needed to provide the motherboar, especially useful for those who did overclock and wanted to get the most out of your CPU at will by adjusting the voltage of the socket.

Not to be confused with the Catalyst drivers for ATI-AMD, more recently, AMD has developed other drivers for Windows XP as well as Windows Vista and Seven, but also for the latest dual core and quad core as the Sempron, Opteron, FX and Phenom with PowerNow! and Cool’n’Quiet, which allow to obtain the maximum from the CPU and to cool them when they do not work so as to reduce the temperature of work better dissipating the heat generated at high frequencies and making them more stable and efficient, as well as to save electricity .

AMD also drops in some cases the real Patch, that make interesting performance gains on Windows. A few months ago released two patches with the letters KB 2645594 and KB 2646060 that significantly improve multithreading in Windows 7 for AMD FX 8-core, with earnings of Windows 8 by about 10%! Not bad at all.

Same goes for the Turion processors for laptops and ultrabook, in this case, in addition to performance drivers and the latest patches to optimize consumption thus increasing the battery life of the notebook.

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