Drivers for removable media

Removable media are all devices that contain data that can be read or written by a computer, but who are not physically inside the PC but are in fact removable, so easily transportable to pass data from one computer to another.

in recent years have spread considerably, not only are more CD or DVD but also USB flash drives, pen drives and external hard drives, USB, Firewire, and e-Sata port, and so on. In Windows 7 and 8, when you connect a pendriver or external hard drives, the operating system looks if it has a suitable driver for my device “unknown” and in many cases find it.

As an external fact, the driver is not installed by default, because of course these devices are not always present in the list of device manager in the control panel.
However, if for example you always use an external hard drive to back up your data, you must install a driver to take full advantage of the speed, so you need to install a specific driver, otherwise we will not know with speed trasferimentoi also much lower. The same goes for the new SSDs benefiting even more of the latest drivers and USB sticks that can dramatically improve the speed of data transfer, especially useful for very large video files.

Before then “blame” because the device slow, check before you have the best drivers cae issued by the manufacturers, the most common brands are: Imation, Maxtor, Kingston, SanDisk and Intel, or do the usual automatic with driver detective 8.

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