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When Asus launched the first Eee, the 700, enjoyed an immediate succersso, because it was the small laptop that was missing in the market, soon followed, and so more powerful models econ screens better than the 7-inch original.
Many had the fortune EEEPC 900, 901 and 904 with the 160GB hard drive and so on up to newer models, some with Windows XP while others have basic versions of Windows 7, the starter .

Other models are the 1000, 1000HE, the TOP 1602 and 1603 and again 1100.

these mini laptops are very important drivers, Driver Detective, which provides, just do the usual scan and drivers available in the usual summary screen will appear, should be available drivers for integrated graphics that Intel GMA The audio sector and links to various boards, LAN, Wi-Fi, etc., provided by the manufacturer Asus.

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