Guide for the installation of a printer, and the drivers in Windows 7

Today we talk about the installation of printers in Windows 7 64-bit, a procedure that has created some problems for users too, often because of the drivers. For the test we will use a multifunction Epson XP-204 that has Wi-Fi support.

Even if you want to use it with WiFi initial configuration must be done via USB, so I left the cable disconnected during the installation, as determined by the installation manual.
At the end of how to install the required software we connected the USB cable and after connecting, Windows reported the connection of a new USB device, a popup showed the driver installation and after a few minutes I heard the sound of USB error and a message that the driver can not be installed , an error unfortunately very common. Like the fact that printers can not be recognized by Windows.

The Device Manager window displays the printer in this category “Other devices” and with a little yellow triangle with an exclamation mark, a sign that the driver is not in place.
After several unsuccessful attempts, how to uninstall and reinstall the driver, or click Update Driver, which oslit is not nearly enough, we can install a new driver downloaded with smart Driver Updater, after scanning the system In fact, the problem could also be the USB drivers.
In some cases it may be necessary if the problem is the Windows operating system, use tools such as the Microsoft Fixit . Installed three versions of this instrument and in all cases it detected the printer has not been installed and that the solution would be to install the same driver!

In other cases occur strange absences of files essential to the proper functioning like the file usb.inf (which is located in the folder inf inside the installation of Windows) that causes the failure recognition of a number of devices connected through this interface.

To find out if that file is missing, open Windows Explorer and look at the inf folder, if fails, you can copy the file from another PC, or torvarlo for example here.

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