Here’s the update table recommended depending on the type of driver

Sometimes we remember aggioanre drivers, often when a program or a video game does not work and it occurs to me that perhaps it is the driver for months or years is always the same

But what is the optimal frequency for updating s?

There is no single answer simply because the drivers are not only different but are also different types of users and different is that the use of the machine.
Normally the driver update more often than video and audio, because they are areas where major changes occur more frequently in the architecture program, in this case does not update the driver means in some cases have degraded performance or see and hear the most of what programs provide.

Here is a table of indicative only recommended driver updates:

High frequency sound and video drivers, especially if you use programs and recent games, at least 1-2 times a month.

Average rate at least once a month: motherboard drivers, LAN, network, CPU, video and game controllers.

less frequently, a couple of times a year: driver printer, scanner, hard drives, mice, various devices and system for USB, Firewire external.

And of course whenever there are changes in the PC peripherals and components, or installing new operating systems. How to check if there are new versions of drivers? Manually is practically impossible, unless there are limits to 2-3 and driver purposely leave out others, which is highly recommended, much better to rely on the specialist drivers, the automatic search program Driver Detective, the most precise and widespread to world.

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