Linux drivers will are ported on Windows platform

The decision to open source drivers on Windows Embedded Compact 7, Microsoft embedded platform, open source ecosystem is a successful, intelligent operation, or Microsoft?

Directly from the headquarters of AMD, John Bridgman talks about this choice and the future decisions of the California-based company that has hired two new developers to use in this project.
The main reason for these drivers based on open source stack is the possibility of issuing a new driver in open source format to leverage on existing source code rather than trying to clean up the code Catalyst was the best choice.

But not only: the same AMD plans to release the code for Windows drivers, except for specific portions of code, this will surely bring great benefits in terms of performance in the medium to long term.

At the moment it is still discussing the license, so I can not even be specific – but we are trying to keep all the bits are not possible in the MS-X11 license.

It is thus for greater cooperation between the two worlds professional and open source until recently seemed still quite distant.

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