New GeForce 600M drivers

A few days after release of the first details for the new GeForce 600M series and waiting , come new and interesting news about this series “mobile ” destined for the next generation of notebooks . In particular, the last set of NVIDIA drivers for ASUS, have been unearthed new NVIDIA video cards at home , as already seen above cards will feature codenamed N13P and N13E and will be a rebrand of the “old ” is new GeForce 500M mobile video cards .
Among which are the new top- range version of GeForce GTX 670m characterized by a 192bit memory interface . The GeForce 600M should be characterized by the production process to 28Nm and should include about 13 new video cards (like you can also see from the image ) for the low-end sector , and high-end maninstream .

We just have to wait for more details and information from NVIDIA .

As usual Driver Detective will be uptade these drivers automatically immediately after they are made available by Nvidia.

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