No 64 bit driver for Cedar

To read what is written by VRZone, Intel does not develop drivers for 64-bit platform Cedar Trail, and there are even drivers DirectX 10.1.

The reason is not exactly clear, but it is thought that Windows 8 is closer than you think and that the company prefers to focus on the new OS rather than further optimization for Windows 7. For the launch of the Atom Cedar Trail, scheduled for the current month, it seems that Intel will not have WHQL certified drivers ready, plus it’s now assume that we will not have features like Widi 1.2 (wireless display) and Smart Connect 1.2 (inherited from Ultrabook) until next year, or until the arrival of non-standard drivers.

Uncertain news for those interested in the compatibility of Cedar Trail with Linux systems. MeeGo 2.1 will integrate support for the new Atom, but it is unclear if Intel will release a free downloadable driver package, in any way, it comes at the end of January 2012 for Linux. Details on vr-zone.

To close, Intel seems interested in the launch of a chip Cedar Trail which still has not spoken a single core of which still do not have details but it might be a low-cost version addressed to particular machines. Again this is expected in January 2012. Among the netbook with Intel Cedar Trail remember the ASUS Eee PC and the new Lamborghini 1025C/CE VX6S (but mounts a D-series CPUs, or desktop), all products mentioned some time but have yet to reach the market .

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