Radeon driver

The Radeon is a popular series of video cards branded ATI (now owned by AMD) which is in production for over 10 years, counting different contact model for both the GPU power, amount of RAM and other features, and is the main competitor of the other party of the Nvidia GeForce.

Thanks to a shrewd pricing. The Radeon achieved during the good years of sales success, ready to support not only the standard references Directx 11 12 but also the future thanks to the HD series.

latest ATI video cards are distinguished by the prefix HD followed by a four-digit number indicating the number and power adapter, the first number is the genrazione card, while the second indicates the power and the respective market segment.

drivers to download the drivers from ATI and the board is to update them often especially for those who play and do graphics, but also for all other users are the Catalyst driver, arrived at version 11.5 and updated by AMD with mud frequency than you must also specify the type of video card ATI also the type and operating system as if the 32 or 64 bits.

If you want to avoid having to check back often and hand if the drivers have been updated, especially useful for the patches to the latest video games, you can use Driver Detective.

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