SSD TRIM driver news

The TRIM command should soon run on Intel SSDs in RAID 0. The rumor has circulated for several days, but is becoming more insistent. A more security for those who need high performance but are likely to see lower performance of the units after a while ‘time.

The TRIM support for SSDs in RAID 0 Intel will soon be a reality thanks to a future driver update Rapid Storage. The house of Santa Clara is working on version 11.5, but the alpha is not available at this time supports the TRIM command in RAID. A second update, expected by the end of the year, will do the miracle.

The TRIM command connects the operating system with the SSD controller, which thanks to the indications of the former is able to understand what are the free cells after deleting some files. In this way allows the controller to make a correct management of the memory cell, while the SSD performance over the term of his life.
If all goes well, the final driver should arrive during January (11.0), although it is not known what are the supported platforms (mobile, desktop and what chipset?). The package would extend the range Storage Rapid Action Response smart caching technology, which will be available on future 7-series chipset, processors are ready to debut with the Ivy Bridge.

The compatibility which is discussed in relation to Rapid Storage drivers, ie drivers of Intel AHCI and RAID, currently at version 10.8, which are compatible with all versions of Windows since XP. In the future, will be removed compatibility to XP and Windows Vista to focus on seven or 8.

if the ocz did the same with vertex2 I would not scruple to give me a 120GB raid0 of 2 vertex2 … to get the most benefit for the overlapping of vertex3 a 240GB … For now, my jewel is too new for make quickly without the trim control, maybe in a couple of attached

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