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How to update video card drivers

If you invest in a change of PC hardware, especially if it is a video card, then you’ve probably already heard of drivers. Unlike a video game or a program that is almost always automatically download the updates needed to improve its performance, the same is not exactly true when it comes to video cards or other components.

With the video card you probably have a CD to install specific drivers for your graphics card, without the proper drivers installed, your Windows operating system does not recognize the new card, or could not get it to work at full power .

Speaking of power, especially with the most recent video games, manufacturers of high-performance boards (NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their products. In other words, update your graphics card drivers may be sufficient to improve performance in games and programs.

Despite being extremely important, many forget to keep updated video drivers. To do this we need to know the model of video card: Open the Start menu and type “dxdiag” (without the quotes) into the command line and press Enter. This will open a screen DirectX, click the “View” tab and you will see the model and manufacturer listed.

With this information you can go to the site of Nvidia or ATI and look for the correct drivers for your operating system.

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