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Driver Controller Ethernet

Like all devices on your computer, even the Ethernet Controller, which is nothing but the network card, it needs to run the drivers provided by the manufacturer.
More and more often, indeed almost always, the controller is integrated on the motherboard, so we need entered the drivers that are on the CD ROM supplied by the same manufacturer, although they may not be updated.

If in the control panel of devices we see a yellow exclamation point or a question mark on the controller, it means that the hardware is not installed correctly, so the driver is not correct, and you can not make connections with LAN cable or use modern routers or modems that are more and more often Ethernet type and not more USB.

To download the driver ethernet controller, it may be necessary even when we see system failures, difficulties in setting LAN on Windows XP, Vista or Seven or the new Windows 8, or if you are having difficulty connecting to printers and routers or other devices that use the LAN cable to connect to the PC.

Examples are the RJ45 ethernet controller 100 mbps, Intel 8256x, broadcom gigabit netlink controller, Toshiba a100-667, etc., and are of course also present in laptops, which are often the same brand of the notebook itself.

How to install the driver

To find out which driver download need to know the make and model of the card, but thanks to Driver Detective download the drivers we can not do this research, in fact, just download the program and start the automatic scan of the system so that we can avoid any lengthy process it’s not always clear model of the card, and you should read the manual or the motherboard, open the computer and see, or use a hardware identification as Everest, but it does not always provide sufficient data.
If you can figure out the make and model must then go to the manufacturer’s website and try searching dozens of drivers that vary depending on the operating system.
Now we can do everything to Smart Driver Updater, you will avoid wasting time.

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