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Mouse Driver download

Until a few years ago when we connected a mouse to the computer, you do not worry about anything, at most, the choice was between the PS/2 port and the new USB. Could hardly notice driver issues, and the mouse worked immediately! Today it is still largely so, but of a whole new range of innovative mouse caratterisitche special, extra buttons, trackball, and convenient special functions that allow you to choose what to activate with the additional keys often placed on either side of the mouse.
Even wireless mouse may require drivers provided by manufacturers and updated to the latest version of the operating system.

Installing the correct drivers, you will see a section where they can be set special functions, not otherwise available, in other cases the driver incorrectly may cause malfunctions to movements and clicks.

To see if there is a specific driver for your mouse using Driver Detective.

Here is a list of the main mouse manifacturers:
A4 Technology, ASUS, BenQ, BTC, Epson, Genius, Labtec, Logitech, Memorex, MSI, Trust and ViewSonic.

If you have problems with the mouse driver, you must uninstall and reinstall the drivers if necessary using the keyboard instead of the mouse to move through menus and use the Enter instead of the mouse button. Then restart your computer and install the new driver.

Into If not go to the C: Windows folder and look for the. INF and then try if the driver is reminding us of the name of the driver present in the Windows Device Manager, if there is or the file is corrupted the problem is there.

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Drivers Windows 8

The new operating system may pose different problems for drivers, as has already happened at the time of Windows 7. The advice is to look on the websites of the hardware manufacturer that does not work correctly if usicit new drivers for Windows 8.

The search can be nerve-wracking because if some manufacturers like ATI and Nvidia are faster to update the drivers, others are much slower, and more unfortunately drivers for older hardware may not update the never

If you recently installed Windows 8, you can make a quick system scan with PC Driver Detective and immediately see which drivers have been released for the new operating system, without wasting time.

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Intel drivers for Android

Intel and MIPS Technologies are waiting for the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.0, so that is now supported on tablets and smartphones based on their processors.

Android 4.0, called Ice Cream Sandwich, has already shown it can run on a smartphone with ARM processor, that is used in most current smartphones, and tablet.

Google has shown running ICS, last month, the Samsung Nexus Galaxy which goes on sale this month in the U.S. than in Europe and Asia.

Google has chosen Samsung and Texas Instruments, which was OMAP4460 dual-core chips used on the Nexus Prime, as the leading manufacturers of hardware for ICS.

But Intel and MIPS, to compete with ARM, not having virtually no presence in the market, are working on tight schedules to make sure that their processors are ready to support Android 4.0.

An Intel spokesman said, in a non-official during the week, which operating system is ready to work with tablets and smartphones based on Intel’s mobile processors x86, and continued by asserting that the first smartphone based on an Intel chip will come market in the first half of next year.

Intel seems to have it abandoned plans for its Android OS Meego, so that the chip maker has recently worked closely with a working group to develop a version of Google Android for tablet and smartphone-based Intel hardware specifically.

“Ice Cream Sandwich includes optimizations for x86 operating system so that devices based on Intel architecture to be able to fully support it,” said Suzy Greenberg, a spokesman for Intel.

The tablet equipped with Intel processors include the Hewlett-Packard Slate 2, which was announced earlier this week, and the Cisco Cius AppHQ characterized by an ecosystem of applications designed just for that device.

MIPS architecture is the second in the market to challenge ARM tablet and smartphone tablet equipped with MIPS processors support some time ago Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb.

The company is currently struggling with the porting of Android 4.0: “Android 4.0 for MIPS will be available shortly.

Once will be released smartphones from Samsung, Google could open the source code of Android 4.0 and make it possible to port the operating system for the other chips and devices.

“If the code behind the ICS will be made public in November, based on past experience we expect that it will be possible to make a first demonstration of the MIPS port of the code within a couple of weeks from that date, to be ready for production within the next 90 days. “continued Bernier Santarini.

Many MIPS licensees who have been working on Android, have already completed work on low-level Linux kernel and drivers, and now they are just waiting for the open-source code of the upper levels of the operating system from Google so that the port can be finally completed .

Since the ICS architecture is very similar to that of honeycomb will be able to take advantage of all the work done by MIPS and our licensees on Honeycomb same: we therefore expect that ICS will be brought to our reference platforms quickly, just after the release of the source. ”

Intel and MIPS were more attentive to the porting of Android 4.0 for their processors than ossrvare had done for previous versions of Android.

In January, while demonstrations were made of the work on Android 3.0 tablet with ARM processors, Intel and MIPS were still in the process of porting the OS to run it on their respective chips, and it took many months before the porting itself was completed.

Manufacturers of telephone terminals with support for Android 4.0 also includes HTC’s just this week released the smartphone Rezound, ensuring that can be updated now to Android 4.0, so it is presumed from the beginning of next year.

The new Google operating system includes many enhancements including a new interface and a renewed taskbar to make it even easier to access and navigate between applications.

Other features include an improved keyboard, the integration of multiple mail accounts, a greater level of security, some improvements in application-level cores, pictures faster, Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable and secure mobile payments and, finally, characteristics of speech-to-text improved.

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ATI Catalyst drivers released 11.11a

were released a few days the new ATI Catalyst drivers version 11.11, as usual, especially if you recommend installing and running programs and games in the recently released list supplied by AMD.

Here are the main news and bug fixes:

· Batman Arkham City or DirectX 11 performance improves for single GPU configurations · Anger or AMD CrossfireX performance scale offers or solve a series of images / stability problems seen with the title: Geometry corruption § Fix sometimes seen entering Bash TV § Solve problems with conditions of memory on 32bit systems. § Fix problem with extreme corruption with textures missing on 32bit systems. § Fix memory leak when deleting / re-use synchronization objects. § Fix anchor and pause, particularly evident in some systems when it’s quad-core races and Stanley Express runs. § Set some missing shadows · The Elder Scrolls Skyrim or improves the performance of the single GPU configurations 2-7% of Resolve, or corruption seen when you enable Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing on AMD Radeon HD 6970 Series or Disable CrossFireX (resizing to resolve negative and image quality problems seen when CrossfireX is enabled) § AMD is continuing to work on a solution CrossFireX for Skyrim – when it is ready we will publicly available · Battlefield 3 or Resolves intermittent problems seen during the game at specific angles

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The drivers for Kinect due out next year

Many gamers and not just the last generation, are eager to see how you can use for Windows Kinect then connected to a standard PC.
Kinect Software Developer will be available in early months of next year, allowing it to receive many interesting applications, provided they are updated and improved drivers for Kinect who had been released a few months ago.
The Kinect SDK will provide developers with software drivers PC Kinect needed to make available to applications of the new platform.

applications not only for fun!

Kinect was not created solely by Microsoft only to control the game, but to be integrated into a variety of commercial applications including marketing, so that more than 200 companies have agreed to participate in a pilot project to figure out at 360 degrees how to exploit the full potential of the new controller without hands.

The closer

release of the new operating system Windows 8 will Kinect to play an important role by expanding the possibilities with respect to Windows 7, but for now Kinect was the best-selling electronic device in the last year, competing with industry giants gaming as Nintendo, Sony and Sega: the big chunk of introti is tempting to Microsoft.

So much so that the Xbox Live will be integrated directly into Windows 8. and this possibility has already attracted much interest, but the node will be important to the success of the operation precisely the availability of drivers for the PC Kinect will open a series of almost infinite possibilities for new applications that will concentrate without the use of hands, a little ‘as the hands-free phones in the.

would not be the first time that hardware clean, then they have had problems from the software side that have the potential compromise, or have come too late in a field where the output speed is increasingly essential.

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The maintenance of all drivers remains important

What is a case of a desktop PC or notebook, you must always perform maintenance of the drivers. There is no way on it, as well as your laptop may not work properly with out it! Windows has a built-in procedure for the distribution of drivers, but not all providers (such as IBM, for example) use it.

This means that you may need to go specifically to the manufacturer to get your Windows device drivers. Routine maintenance drivers might be a drag there is usually little to remember to replace the driver, you have to do it yourself. If you’re chaotic, you might forget to take a few minutes to keep your your PC. (Not a good tactic, among other things.) If you do not have technical knowledge, you may not recognize that you need to replace their own drivers. And ‘you can also understand that you want to replace the drivers, however, may not know how, or what drivers you need. All this adds powerful you about the possible loss or significant driver updates are essential to the laptop or computer to ensure proper operation and protection. In some cases, important operating system updates such as Service Pack can help you make sure you update the drivers.
On other occasions the equipment just closes laptop or desktop OS, or starts to misbehave. Sometimes, just a little ‘overzealous cleaning product file may lead to deletion of motorists. You can also inadvertently replace an excellent driver to have a bad or wrong of an individual, and because we are talking about bits and bytes, a driver – much like any other knowledge of the laptop – can become damaged. As I mentioned last week, most people really do not continue to keep backup copies of your device drivers. What complicates matters enough at any time you have to re-install the drivers for your computer hardware for what ever reason.

If downloading and installing drivers is not something you do regularly, you may not know what drivers your product requirements, in which to try to find them or how to install them. That’s why I recommend Driver Detective as a sound strategy for managing the Windows device driver. Driver Detective is easy to install and manages all aspects of all the hardware drivers for Windows. Driver Detective searches for your correct drivers and driver updates for your drivers to? System requires. Download, install, check and keeps motorists, retailers and local back-up driver in case of put in the driver is to be damaged or misplaced. It is in any way have to worry about losing a driver update if you let Driver Detective to be concerned about the maintenance management of the drivers in the system. More than one million users have downloaded special Driver Detective and depend on it to keep their product up-to-date and trouble-free!

Driver Detective

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The motherboard drivers

When we buy a new computer, along with the package we are always provided with the installation CD with drivers, they concern in particular the mainboard chipset, and several other components mounted on the card as the built-in audio , the LAN, USB ports, Firewire and eSATA, the integrated video Scheve if present, and so on.

What often makes these beautiful and install all drivers after you install Windows without worrying about whether or not updated, it is often months old, if not years that does not help the overall performance of the system your computer.

Another frequent error and install these drivers from the CD and then think: now it’s all right, and forget these drivers mistakenly considered to be secondary for years and years without ever going to see if they came out – definitely – the most up to date!

Serious errors that may affect the proper functioning of your PC and in some cases also its proper power, so much so that many users are forced to turn to the technical spendnedo large sums without realizing that this is could be avoided with the proper maintenance of driver

If you do not want to do manual searches, you can use right away, even just after the installation of Windows, the program smart Driver Updater for the automatic system and driver for all devices.

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Update drivers for video games

Players of video games are pretty demanding, often spend significant figures to have excellent hardware, making it possible to play the latest games at the highest level of detail and resolution.

But too often happens that although the minimum requirements not only recommended but also have overcome plenty of other games with high graphics have Directx 1x obvious framerate problems, general performance, or that not even its part, leaving us with a black screen with errors, or incomprehensible to meditate but could not find solution.

We spent maybe

30-40-50 EUR gicohi promising graphics, shadows, reflections but then … nothing extraordinary, it’s the programmers? or our PC is not powerful enough? these are almost never the right answers!

If we are sure to have a powerful PC and the games have problems, almost always the problem are the drivers, because every time I exit a game between the most anticipated, the manufacturers of video cards like Nvidia ATI and set to work to resolve any compatibility issues, improve performance and increase the quality graphics, and all this they do by releasing new drivers.

graphics drivers are in fact those most subject to frequent updates, often just to follow the development of video games, then how to know when drivers will be released for the game just came out and that a problem? S i can keep an eye on the website of the manufacturer, or more conveniently use the automatic scanning of Driver Detective to know immediately if there is news, without wasting time on research.

also because it is difficult to know the times when new drivers come out, another tip is to not settle just bought or downloaded the game but to update it immediately with the latest patch made available by the house manufacturer of video games in recent years, in fact almost all the games have just left some bugs that are resolved with later versions of the game.

So to play the best you have to choose the best matched patch + video drivers

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Tips for drivers updating

is always useful if not indispensable, to have all the updated drivers for your computer to it and its components work better and as soon as possible, especially when you use your computer to run intensive games and programs such as 3D games, where the graphics card plays a key role.

The main problem is that many people do not know exactly what components and devices installed on your computer, but luckily there are many ways to get the drivers and updated drivers.

There are programs like Everest that sweep in computer hardware and devices, giving us the information we are looking for, but also links to manufacturers’ websites where you can download the drivers who were looking for.

Even major manufacturers usually have web applications that recognize their devices to run them, and suggest that drivers and applications can be downloaded from the site. Windows also gives us some information about the hardware installed, it can often be sufficient to meet the drivers.

This information can be obtained by clicking the My Computer icon and choosing Properties.

The problem is that this information is often difficult to understand, and not immediately stand out brand, model, version, etc., also on the websites of the hardware manufacturers are often tens or hundreds of devices nno past and present, find that our model can be a long job, which must then match the operating system that we installed, and here again the list is long, and will be at 32 or 64-bit

Multiply these searches for drivers 20-30 and you will surely spend many hours in research, perhaps having a slow computer and unstable because of outdated drivers.

To overcome these problems Driver Detective has been created, which allows to identify the drivers fail to download, without having to enter any data manually.

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The importance of updating drivers

Very often when you buy a computer desktop and laptop, you want to be operating as soon as possible to work, write, play games, surf the Internet, etc.. For this after you installed the Windows operating system, you simply install the drivers on the CD that came with your PC, usually those of the motherboard, LAN, audio and video, and leave it like this for months or even years , making only the automatic Windows updates that are searched automatically when they are released by Microsoft.

A big mistake made by both novice users, both experienced users but careless, who do not want to waste time in the maintenance of your PC, you can paragoonare to that of a car. Whether it’s a sports car or a car, both require the same care, as well as PCs and other power operations require similar updates, which if not done regularly, causanno increasing problems for computers with annoying delays, blocks , blue or black screens, error messages and so on.

exasperated at the slowness of the system then usually two things happen: the beginner think that the PC is faulty and leads him by a technician spending maybe 50 or 100 euros over a simple set-up, or do you think even that it is time to change the PC, because it is old, nothing more wrong!
Similarly, the user, think it’s time to reinstall the operating system, a procedure in vogue among geeks, but it does not help much and takes time, even hours.

The real problem is often outdated drivers We are the ones installed on the CD and then they forgot to update those videos are up, while nothing is done for all others, and often descend from here several problems that lead to drastic solutions, but the simplest thing is just a complete upgrade of all the drivers on your computer. You can do it manually looking for all the drivers and the updated versions, or with Driver Detective quickly and automatically to avoid problems and have your PC at peak.

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