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Guide to downgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 7

All new laptops are now equipped with Windows 8 that has so many interesting innovations, but at the same time many users prefer the old but more “solid” Windows 7. So it was calculated that more than 30% of people making a downgrade to other operating systems, a procedure that can, however, be more complicated than expected and take a long time.
If you have a laptop with the Pro version of Windows 8, you can downgrade to Windows 7 Professional free because of the license of Windows 8, but it is necessary to activate the phone by calling the Microsoft following these instructions.
If you only have the standard version of Windows 8, you can not downgrade free and you have to fetch another operating system with which to replace it. But before you do this, make sure that there are no compatible drivers for your operating system you have chosen. The easiest way is to use driver detective who has led a very useful function for the transition to a new operating system (both upgrades and downgrades). This will make it immediately clear if the drivers are present and you can download them all at once in a few seconds at the end of the wizard.
Before proceeding, however, it is advisable to make a backup of your important files using one of the many programs for the free Cobian Backup type backup. Also, if you have a notebook is better to burn the recovery discs on your computer. In this way, in case you change your mind or problems, you can reinstall Windows 8 and restore your computer to its original state so fast.
Before you start you will probably have to recognize the installation disc of Windows 7, changing the BIOS settings, turning off the UEFI boot mode and choosing the legacy BIOS.

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