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Mozilla wants to geotag for WiFi networks

Mozilla wants to create a geolocation service to not depend on third-party services and has started a project called Mozilla Location Service, which rely on users to gather the desired data.
In the case of Google and Apple can afford to have its mobile platforms that automatically collect that kind of information, which allows to speed up the process of determining the location, or do it without using the GPS (saving energy), a few other companies have the opportunity to do something like . If it detects that a smartphone is near two WiFi routers that are in the database and extracted with the cell moving in this area, it will be quite likely to be the place where these data were originally collected, greatly accelerating the process of geolocation. It also allows even without GPS equipment and no cellular network can determine the position using only WiFi networks.

Into This service position Mozilla aim is to get the help of all users, you can use the MozStumbler (based on netstumbler) to identify the signals from mobile phone masts and WiFi networks nearby and send data to Mozilla. And of course do not miss a score table, to make the challenge more excited by those who intend to occupy the first places.

Into the end, I hope that this data will be used by the Firefox platform, and that this type of collection can be done automatically by your equipment. But until that happens, the account into Mozilla has all help you do that.

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