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Intel drivers for Android

Intel and MIPS Technologies are waiting for the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, Android 4.0, so that is now supported on tablets and smartphones based on their processors.

Android 4.0, called Ice Cream Sandwich, has already shown it can run on a smartphone with ARM processor, that is used in most current smartphones, and tablet.

Google has shown running ICS, last month, the Samsung Nexus Galaxy which goes on sale this month in the U.S. than in Europe and Asia.

Google has chosen Samsung and Texas Instruments, which was OMAP4460 dual-core chips used on the Nexus Prime, as the leading manufacturers of hardware for ICS.

But Intel and MIPS, to compete with ARM, not having virtually no presence in the market, are working on tight schedules to make sure that their processors are ready to support Android 4.0.

An Intel spokesman said, in a non-official during the week, which operating system is ready to work with tablets and smartphones based on Intel’s mobile processors x86, and continued by asserting that the first smartphone based on an Intel chip will come market in the first half of next year.

Intel seems to have it abandoned plans for its Android OS Meego, so that the chip maker has recently worked closely with a working group to develop a version of Google Android for tablet and smartphone-based Intel hardware specifically.

“Ice Cream Sandwich includes optimizations for x86 operating system so that devices based on Intel architecture to be able to fully support it,” said Suzy Greenberg, a spokesman for Intel.

The tablet equipped with Intel processors include the Hewlett-Packard Slate 2, which was announced earlier this week, and the Cisco Cius AppHQ characterized by an ecosystem of applications designed just for that device.

MIPS architecture is the second in the market to challenge ARM tablet and smartphone tablet equipped with MIPS processors support some time ago Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb.

The company is currently struggling with the porting of Android 4.0: “Android 4.0 for MIPS will be available shortly.

Once will be released smartphones from Samsung, Google could open the source code of Android 4.0 and make it possible to port the operating system for the other chips and devices.

“If the code behind the ICS will be made public in November, based on past experience we expect that it will be possible to make a first demonstration of the MIPS port of the code within a couple of weeks from that date, to be ready for production within the next 90 days. “continued Bernier Santarini.

Many MIPS licensees who have been working on Android, have already completed work on low-level Linux kernel and drivers, and now they are just waiting for the open-source code of the upper levels of the operating system from Google so that the port can be finally completed .

Since the ICS architecture is very similar to that of honeycomb will be able to take advantage of all the work done by MIPS and our licensees on Honeycomb same: we therefore expect that ICS will be brought to our reference platforms quickly, just after the release of the source. ”

Intel and MIPS were more attentive to the porting of Android 4.0 for their processors than ossrvare had done for previous versions of Android.

In January, while demonstrations were made of the work on Android 3.0 tablet with ARM processors, Intel and MIPS were still in the process of porting the OS to run it on their respective chips, and it took many months before the porting itself was completed.

Manufacturers of telephone terminals with support for Android 4.0 also includes HTC’s just this week released the smartphone Rezound, ensuring that can be updated now to Android 4.0, so it is presumed from the beginning of next year.

The new Google operating system includes many enhancements including a new interface and a renewed taskbar to make it even easier to access and navigate between applications.

Other features include an improved keyboard, the integration of multiple mail accounts, a greater level of security, some improvements in application-level cores, pictures faster, Near Field Communication (NFC) to enable and secure mobile payments and, finally, characteristics of speech-to-text improved.

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Intel Driver

The Intel is well known for its leadership in research and production of  PC microprocessors, but few know that makes many other types of motherboard chipsets, integrated graphics found mainly on laptops and netbooks, Networking and Wireless LAN cards.
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If the drivers are too old, or if we changed the operating system upgrade to Windows 7, or if some programs no longer work properly because the drivers are outdated, we can go to the Intel site where there is a separate download at this center Address: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/

Here we enter the later type of product, model, name, and then choose from our current operating system on which the driver must be installed, the transaction is not difficult for a user expert, but even if you know all the details of your PC may not be so straightforward able to download the correct driver Intel because of this great company if the products removed over the years are many for many different platforms and we can confendere easily between different versions.

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