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Problem with the drivers AHCI and IDE HD

Sometimes you have problems with the drivers that control access to the hard disk of the system or with the same bois of HD that can esswere set to IDE, AHCI or Sata.
So the solution is to change the BIOS HD Sata AHCI controller to make it go faster.
Then follow the instructions to install the driver that recognizes rWindows AHCI in XP or Seven.

Download Into the Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
and extract the files.
Go to the Device Manager window, the first option in the category IDE ATA / ATAPI controllers you should see something like this: 82801HEM/HBM Intel SATA AHCI controller memory;
Right click on this written and choose Update Driver.
choose not connect to Windows Update to search for and click Next.
Select Install from a list or specific location and click Next.
Select Do not search, and click Next.
Now navigate to the folder that contains the unzipped files and select the file and click Open iastor.inf.
Now you should have a list of drivers to choose the most appropriate. If you do not know the model of your controller, I suggest you do the research to family ICH on your HD.
Tip: In this case, the easiest way I found was to use a USB stick and then run the lspci command in the terminal. It turns out a line like:
0:01 F.2 SATA controller: Intel Corporation 82801IBM/IEM (ICH9M/ICH9M-E) 4 port SATA Controller [AHCI]. Where it was possible to identify the family ICH my computer: ICH9M/ICH9M.
You will get a warning message that the installation of the device driver is not recommended, but you can safely ignore it and continue the installation. Now
Windows XP or Windows 7 should boot a faster than before!

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