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How to update video card drivers

If you invest in a change of PC hardware, especially if it is a video card, then you’ve probably already heard of drivers. Unlike a video game or a program that is almost always automatically download the updates needed to improve its performance, the same is not exactly true when it comes to video cards or other components.

With the video card you probably have a CD to install specific drivers for your graphics card, without the proper drivers installed, your Windows operating system does not recognize the new card, or could not get it to work at full power .

Speaking of power, especially with the most recent video games, manufacturers of high-performance boards (NVIDIA, AMD and Intel) are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their products. In other words, update your graphics card drivers may be sufficient to improve performance in games and programs.

Despite being extremely important, many forget to keep updated video drivers. To do this we need to know the model of video card: Open the Start menu and type “dxdiag” (without the quotes) into the command line and press Enter. This will open a screen DirectX, click the “View” tab and you will see the model and manufacturer listed.

With this information you can go to the site of Nvidia or ATI and look for the correct drivers for your operating system.

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Update drivers for video games

Players of video games are pretty demanding, often spend significant figures to have excellent hardware, making it possible to play the latest games at the highest level of detail and resolution.

But too often happens that although the minimum requirements not only recommended but also have overcome plenty of other games with high graphics have Directx 1x obvious framerate problems, general performance, or that not even its part, leaving us with a black screen with errors, or incomprehensible to meditate but could not find solution.

We spent maybe

30-40-50 EUR gicohi promising graphics, shadows, reflections but then … nothing extraordinary, it’s the programmers? or our PC is not powerful enough? these are almost never the right answers!

If we are sure to have a powerful PC and the games have problems, almost always the problem are the drivers, because every time I exit a game between the most anticipated, the manufacturers of video cards like Nvidia ATI and set to work to resolve any compatibility issues, improve performance and increase the quality graphics, and all this they do by releasing new drivers.

graphics drivers are in fact those most subject to frequent updates, often just to follow the development of video games, then how to know when drivers will be released for the game just came out and that a problem? S i can keep an eye on the website of the manufacturer, or more conveniently use the automatic scanning of Driver Detective to know immediately if there is news, without wasting time on research.

also because it is difficult to know the times when new drivers come out, another tip is to not settle just bought or downloaded the game but to update it immediately with the latest patch made available by the house manufacturer of video games in recent years, in fact almost all the games have just left some bugs that are resolved with later versions of the game.

So to play the best you have to choose the best matched patch + video drivers

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Here’s the update table recommended depending on the type of driver

Sometimes we remember aggioanre drivers, often when a program or a video game does not work and it occurs to me that perhaps it is the driver for months or years is always the same

But what is the optimal frequency for updating s?

There is no single answer simply because the drivers are not only different but are also different types of users and different is that the use of the machine.
Normally the driver update more often than video and audio, because they are areas where major changes occur more frequently in the architecture program, in this case does not update the driver means in some cases have degraded performance or see and hear the most of what programs provide.

Here is a table of indicative only recommended driver updates:

High frequency sound and video drivers, especially if you use programs and recent games, at least 1-2 times a month.

Average rate at least once a month: motherboard drivers, LAN, network, CPU, video and game controllers.

less frequently, a couple of times a year: driver printer, scanner, hard drives, mice, various devices and system for USB, Firewire external.

And of course whenever there are changes in the PC peripherals and components, or installing new operating systems. How to check if there are new versions of drivers? Manually is practically impossible, unless there are limits to 2-3 and driver purposely leave out others, which is highly recommended, much better to rely on the specialist drivers, the automatic search program Driver Detective, the most precise and widespread to world.

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Driver Update: too often forgotten

Drivers are software components needed for the operation of hardware and peripherals, whose importance often not computer users, not only for beginners but sometimes also to advanced users, this is because once installed, usually right after you install the Windows operating system, XP, Vista or Seven, you forget there!

sounds strange but once installed and verified that the PC works as we expect, we keep them there for months or even years without ever thinking that as all the programs installed on compurer “age”, because the operating systems are updated more often and so do many other software such as browsers, the new games that take advantage of better graphics and so on.

drivers forget them easily because no warning warns that usually are obsolete and no longer reliable, so do not consider them as important and let them grow old. We recall only a few occasions, such as when a game just bought does not work, curse, despair and then we will think of mica fault driver? yes! is often the case! So we rush to download them from ATI or Nvidia and try the latest version of the many available for various operating systems.

For drivers not video, things get more complicated, and we begin to think about it only when failures occur, blocks, and sudden reboots, blue screens, or blacks, or when the PC has slowed down a lot, we taken by a thousand doubts and fears of viruses or malware, but also very often in these cases is simply to update the drivers.

But how do you know when the drivers are too old? there is no manual way to know how exactly, but because the drivers as opposed to what we think are not 4-5, but several tens to cover many components, would be impossible to upgrade everything by hand by comparing the various versions of the ones we have installed than the new ones released on the websites of manufacturers of hardware and peripherals.

The easiest thing to avoid problems and extensive research, or dangerous oversights, and use Driver Detective run periodic scans of your PC in seconds if new drivers are released we’ll know and we can download them with one click

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Driver Detective
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Update drivers

The driver update is an operation which we have spoken many times to get the most from your PC with the Windows operating system, you must ensure that the drivers for all PC components are updated . One of the most common mistakes when installiiamo a new computer, you think that Windows already includes all the drivers for many common devices, if this is true in general, often do not have the latest drivers for your hardware and devices that we will use.

Same thing can be said of the drivers that came with the motherboard or other components of the computer, CD, DVD and other media are the drivers, but here too often they are not working drivers updated.

Another common mistake is to think that automatic updates in Windows 7 for example, they assume you also update all the drivers in the system, which are several dozen, this argument is almost never true, because Windows updates itself, thanks to Microsoft itself, but can not provide drivers to all devices that are installed and several thousands.

The automatic update of the component manufacturer installs the latest drivers? Again, in some cases it does, but almost always no, and this occurs in 90% of cases go to the manufacturer’s website and manually search for drivers from hundreds of old and new products and this process in the case of components such as video cards should be repeated at least every month, can take away a lot of time, not knowing exactly when they leave the updated drivers.

is therefore necessary to update the drivers, is the best thing is to use a full-on drivers for all the PC, so with a simple scan every now and we’ll always have the latest drivers as they are made available by hardware manufacturers.

Try Driver Detective

and see what drivers to update your desktop or notebook computer

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