Update drivers for video games

Players of video games are pretty demanding, often spend significant figures to have excellent hardware, making it possible to play the latest games at the highest level of detail and resolution.

But too often happens that although the minimum requirements not only recommended but also have overcome plenty of other games with high graphics have Directx 1x obvious framerate problems, general performance, or that not even its part, leaving us with a black screen with errors, or incomprehensible to meditate but could not find solution.

We spent maybe

30-40-50 EUR gicohi promising graphics, shadows, reflections but then … nothing extraordinary, it’s the programmers? or our PC is not powerful enough? these are almost never the right answers!

If we are sure to have a powerful PC and the games have problems, almost always the problem are the drivers, because every time I exit a game between the most anticipated, the manufacturers of video cards like Nvidia ATI and set to work to resolve any compatibility issues, improve performance and increase the quality graphics, and all this they do by releasing new drivers.

graphics drivers are in fact those most subject to frequent updates, often just to follow the development of video games, then how to know when drivers will be released for the game just came out and that a problem? S i can keep an eye on the website of the manufacturer, or more conveniently use the automatic scanning of Driver Detective to know immediately if there is news, without wasting time on research.

also because it is difficult to know the times when new drivers come out, another tip is to not settle just bought or downloaded the game but to update it immediately with the latest patch made available by the house manufacturer of video games in recent years, in fact almost all the games have just left some bugs that are resolved with later versions of the game.

So to play the best you have to choose the best matched patch + video drivers

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