Windows 8 no drivers needed for mobile connections?

Microsoft engineers, project managers Windows 8, are rethinking the mechanisms underlying the operation of systems, whether it be a Wi-Fi or 3G or 4G connections, the focus was also to make the connection is always available, especially in the surf when the battery is reduced.

In current versions of Windows, the settings for 3G connections requires the installation of a large amount of software developed by third parties. With Windows 8 was considered appropriate to take over this aspect by having the mobile broadbandpossa become part of the operating system. With the new version of the operating system is no longer necessary to go in search of the correct drivers needed to operate a 3G USB or a Bluetooth dongle to connect to your phone or smartphone as a modem. Anders added that the engineers have worked shoulder to shoulder with mobile operators and their hardware partners around the world to integrate into the operating system all you need to make, easily and without additional steps to make a connection. Each driver will then be kept updated by Microsoft through the traditional mechanism based on Windows Update.

A new administration tool, totally redesigned, would also allow easy management of all types of connection, whether cable, wireless or 3G/4G. Windows 8 incorporates an innovative system that allows you to resolve conflicts and avoid confusion. By default, Windows 8 will always give priority to the Wi-Fi connections than cable connecting wirelessly wherever a wireless connection set up as a “favorite” is available. Every time you connect to a wireless hot spots, 8 Windows automatically disconnects the PC from the network “mobile” by reducing the energy consumption of the interface used for 3G/4G connections.

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