Windows video drivers

Any Windows operating system requires the right video driver depending on the make and model of video card installed, whether it’s an integrated card as happens in many laptops, is that the card is a separate component as normally happens in desktop computers or desktops, with solutions from ATI and Nvidia.
If you start your operating system comes out a message that says “VGA compatible”, or the video resolution is low with few colors, most likely the video driver is not installed, or is not correct for your hardware.
Other problems may be difficult to see movies or graphics applications on the Internet with your browser, or poor performance in video games.

Going into the Device Manager or the Windows device, we can sometimes see a yellow exclamation point on the video controller, the most evident sign that something is not

At this point we can use Smart Driver Updater, and after installing it we run the scan you will find the correct drivers and updated; Scarichiamoli before you install, uninstall the old drivers – if any – going to the Programs section of Control Panel, reboot the PC to be safe and now we can install the new drivers.

Now after restarting the system should be all right.
Windows 10 can also directly install new drivers on the old ones, the system dovrebeb compare the two and makes the necessary updates.

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